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I can only see the small defect shown in my photo with my naked eye.

There are roughened areas at the bottom of both pupils. ( Antique Conta & Boehme Porcelain Pug Dog Condiment Dispenser ): Wouldn’t you love to have this pair of darling pugs looking up at you from your kitchen table?

I spotted this one at a Houston Antique Show many years ago and he has been gracing a shelf in my display case ever since.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I mean I think I know, but is it basically getting humped with some boobies in your face for a few minutes? There is a show on HBO called G-string Diva's.yes sometimes guys will get excited enough to cum... :) I was at a strip club (yeah just once, sure) for a buddy's bachelor party.Yes btw you are right about the's a girl dry humping you...while you sit and don't touch. We were tossing down the drinks and getting pretty loose with the 0's.My buddy's dad and future father-in-law were both there...he was being kinda conservative. You can't touch cuz it's the rules..most places the law...meaning you touch you get bounced.Well, that really isn't my style no matter who's there. I'll leave this question to be answered by the dancers... That would be in montreal we do contact dances...lapdances are illegal but we still do is the official rules in montreal:the stripper is aloud to take off everything excepted the client can touch everywhere excepted the genital direct or indirect contact on the genital area(from the client or the dancer)client can't lick(but it's tolerated by some clubs and strippers and yes it's gross...)stripper can't sit on the client(but we almost all do it excepted from some clubs who won't tolerate it).a lapdance is the same than a contact dance excepted that in a lapdance u can sit on the guy.usually the girl will sit on the guy's lap and move and rub her ass against course some guys come in their pants sometimes.i even heard that some guys wear condoms so they won't get their underwear dirty.a smart stripper who does a lapdance would do everything to excite a guy but will stop when he gets too excited cause if he cums then the dances are over and no more $$$girls will charge if the guy rules vary from cities and clubs.ummmm, its like this, imagine getting turned on and not being able to do a damn thing about it.You don't have to choreograph a whole routine, just find a few good moves that feels sexy to you.Create an atmosphere that makes you feel sexy, seductive and in the mood to dance.I am now in a point in my life where I must find new homes for my beauties and it is painful.Most pug owners have been told “She’s so ugly she’s cute”.That phrase may fit these C & B pugs dating from the late 1800’s. This one sports a collar decorated with 2 blue stripes and a central gold stripe, along with 5 large bells and a large bow.He has the added bonus of having the impressed C & B Hallmark of an Arm bearing a Short Sword within a Shield on her left front paw along with a “6”. The German Conte & Boehme Porcelain Company did not make the high quality, perfectly molded pugs like those produced in Meissen, Dresden & Nymphenburg.