Kim kardashian is dating what football player jennifer aniston dating gerard butler

Sources say she’s cut all ties with Lamar, having also kicked her estranged husband out of the house where he was alleged to have kicked off his old habits again.

All in all, Khloe Kardashian just wants to distance herself from the drama that has come by simply being attached to Lamar Odom.

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The identity of Khloe Kardashian’s biological father being someone other than Robert Kardashian, Kris Jenner’s husband when Khloe was conceived and born, is probably one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood.

OJ and his murdered wife Nicole Brown were close friends of Kris Jenner and Robert – and he later represented Simpson in Nicole’s murder trial.

12 (US) or 42 (EU) 7 (US) Clothing line for Sears called Kardashian Kollection, nail polish line called OPI, owns 4 DASH boutiques, Quick Trim (Weight loss supplement), Virgins (Jewellery Line), shoedazzle, her own signature perfume, The Sugar Factory Candy Store (Signature Series Couture Lollipops), Midori Liqueur, Muscle Flex VATA athletic wear, Carls Jr.

(fast food), Kardashian Glamour Tan, Divinity Collection for Beach Bunny Swimwear, Perfect Skin, Skechers, own line of signature watches, “For Every Body” candles, Tria Beauty Christianity Her large butt, sexy figure, frequent TV appearances. In 2008, she appeared in a parody film called Disaster movie for her role as Lisa Taylor.

However, rumor has it that behind closed doors Kris and OJ were cheating… We have been convinced for years now that Khloe Kardashian is OJ Simpson’s daughter, and according to a new report – Robert Kardashian was convinced that she was too!

Sadly, Robert Kardashian passed away years ago and he isn’t hear to clear up the mystery, however a source recently revealed to Radar Online that when Robert was alive, he was certain that Khloe was OJ’s daughter!