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Now I can finally date dudes on my level.” In the new show, Rae is the titular “awkward” black girl navigating a mediocre job at a nonprofit and an unsatisfying long-term relationship; Orji is her BFF Molly, a successful lawyer still searching for the right guy.

Based on the six episodes HBO sent press, it’s also one of the best shows about friendship and romance since (without the whimsical, over-the-top quality that so often permeated Carrie’s Manolo-clad gallop through the New York dating scene).

We’ll also assume that you have a clear-cut way of rating people, for example on a scale from 1 to 10.

Among your pool of people, there’s at least one you’d rate highest.He tells you, with a look teetering between confusion and disgust, that he’s not looking for anything serious. interested in this one; but you weren’t doing anything, so you decided to give him a chance. He just wasn’t the guy for you and you weren’t going to subject yourself to anymore torture. The Thug you thought you could turn into a Gentleman Your friend took you to one suspect club and that’s where you end up meeting the wife-beater wearing, frowny faced, muscle dude.After all, your girlfriends had been telling you it was time to try something new. So you end up looking like the villain because you have to break a perfectly good man’s heart. You had your old faithful freak em dress on, so he was drawn in. Cussing out the bartender for watering down his drink, was a clear indication of what you were getting into. You complement each other, you support and encourage each other.w=300" data-large-file="https://afroginthefjord.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/seduction-2-2.jpg? w=720" / You might ask yourself when seeing this title: is there really anything to say about seduction in Norway? In Italy one could write about the casanovas and the sexy brunettes agreeing with langourious eyes and loud conversations, in France it would be the born-seductors and the classy and snoby Parisian women teasing men with their red lipstick and long cigarettes. https:// " data-medium-file="https://afroginthefjord.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/en-frosk-i-fjorden_fb.jpg? We will call that person X — it’s who you’d ideally want to end up with.Your strategy is to date of the people and then settle with the next person who is better.Issa points out that Molly is finally seeing a guy she really likes — plus, didn’t she say she was done with dating apps? “I said I was done with shitty-ass dating apps,” she retorts, pointing out that the guy she’s seeing doesn’t even have a college degree.“I’ve been waiting like three months to get approved for this.Judging by his words and an occasional action, you thought this man saw eye to eye when it came to your relationship dynamics. Your undeniable flirting led to a series of dates which led to… Taking a courage pill, you decide to let him know how you’re feeling about the little situation you all have going on. You nervously tell him that you’re serious about him and want to be exclusive, all while staring at your hands trying to hurry and get the words out.Once you look up, his face tells you the mood has shifted.