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Charles Forman made tens of millions of dollars selling his company last week.

And thank God for that: It's been far too long since "fuck you money" went to a tech whiz who was at least marginally interesting. "Online reputation managers" offer to scrub your internet footprint of revealing pictures or embarrassing blog posts—for a hefty price. Let us now look back and remember three and a half years of highlights of Julia's unfiltered life.

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And yet women—far more than men—run into this entirely disagreeable emotion quite often, especially as it pertains to their relations with and appeal to men.

The discomfort of jealousy should theoretically spur us to do better.

Apparently, the network that specializes in programming featuring insane bitches has unceremoniously booted a certain stupid bitch whose insanity ventures into clinical territory, or so you would think.

Allison tells us she met Jack Mc Cain, a Navy helicopter pilot who's been a flagship "lifecaster," she has no plans to blog about the relationship over at Non Society.

But she will be cataloging the romance on Facebook, which should help her convert the relationship (even if only inadvertently) into some buzz.