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They could have used a better bassist, but they were still on. Hey i'm from our band we play megalomaniac...thenceforward i buy the lp's a crow left of the murder, science, morning view, make yourself...sound from the whole band is soooo's great..i try to listen to incubus if a time...lately i hear only incubus.... I personally don't care for the direction that their music has taken. E., Pasillas is credited with making burritos and other food items for the band.

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I quite simply become aware of more reality than before." -Colin Wilson (The Occult) When I first read this quote, it truly effected me.

We like to be dynamic within our records, and one song to the next is usually pretty different, just like one record to the next is usually pretty different.

I would say that the jumps between [these] songs may be a little more drastic, but it’s just sort of what came to us.

They should have stuck with the old formula instead of trying to make a straight up rock record. Jose is super good...i love how creative he is...incubus rocks too...their new album just demands more attention..sad little world, pistola, and priceless really show off some talent i think.yes, the last albums were better..should stick with their psychedelic - fusion rock that they are so good at. (shakes head) Well, anyway, I used to love the disc "Morning View" back in my formative drumming years and have a soft spot in my heart for Mr. I had forgotten about him until I picked up a used copy of "A Crow Left of the Murder" (Incubus' latest and with a new bassist) and remembered just how DIFFERENT this guy is. Really adds to the talent expressed by all of the Incubus members and most of his songs seem to have me on the set trying to learn them for hours. that drum solo was not that long...the every note jose put in amazing... According to Sabian his current cymbal set up is as follows: 13" AAX Fusion Hats 14" AAX Mini Chinese 8" AAX Splash 10" AAX Splash 20" AAX Studio Crash 12" HHX Evolution Splash 20" HHX Studio Crash 21" Hand Hammered Raw-Bell Dry Ride 18" HHX Chinese 16" HHX Stage Crash He uses a 14" snare, 5 tom-toms (8", 10", 12", 16", 18", clockwise), and one bass drum. I think he is alot like Ringo, the way people describe Ringo that is.

Jose rocks on the drums, he played a sweet drum solo, with the bassist on a mini set, and Brandon Boyd on conga drums. Their latest record is really pretentious, it's seems a bit smarmy and whiney. Jose uses Drum Workshop drums, Sabian Cymbals, Pro-Mark Sticks, Remo drumheads, and Pearl hardware.