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À l'âge de 12 ans, Jason rencontre son futur manager, Frank Harris, un étudiant en droit qui l'aidait à améliorer ses compétences de basket-ball.

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Things went every way they possibly could in the episode — Gabi worrying that Josh would never remember her, trying to get him to remember her by forcing memories to happen over again, and finally just blurting out that they love each other — but he didn’t remember. If you didn’t get to watch, JJJ just spoiled you and we have absolutely no regrets about it.

Burbank, CA 91505 person c/o the Disney Channel 3800 W.

No reply, and they were correct -Xthe c/o the disney channel ones hardly ever work, at least from what ive seen, and when they do, theyre mostly preprint.

Although occasionally slapstick, particularly toward the end (what can you expect, it is a DCOM), the acting was generally believable in a crazy/fun sort of way.

There was great chemistry between some of the characters as well.