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The court heard how the girls were forced into sex work through a mixture of threats to themselves and their families back in their villages, the use of "Ju-Ju" rituals and sexual violence including rape.

Asemota, who used Heathrow airport as a smuggling hub, was extradited from her native Nigeria earlier this year to face justice.

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A plant produces essential oils to affect growth, reproduction, to attract pollinators, repel predators and as protection from disease. Scent travels along a neurological pathway, bypassing the blood brain barrier.

Nepal’s president had her position taken over by Sajju, 17, to kick off a global week of action from girls.

More than 300 takeovers are happening worldwide to call for gender equality and mark the International Day of the Girl.

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But the NCA's partnerships give us global reach and mean international borders are no barrier to justice."Asemota flew with the girls on frights from Lagos, Nigeria, to Heathrow between August 2011 and May 2012 with the intention of reaching France.Evil Franca Asemota, 38, forced as many as 40 orphans into slavery in Europe's sex trade by promising them a better life.She was found guilty of eight counts of conspiracy to traffic persons for sexual exploitation after a trial at Isleworth Crown Court, west London.David Fairclough, of the Immigration Enforcement crime team, said: "Asemota was the lynch-pin of a trafficking ring which targeted vulnerable young women in Nigeria, promising them a brighter future working in Europe."But it soon became clear that this was far from the truth.The victims, some as young as 13, were told they would be sold into prostitution."Asemota traveled with the girls in order to threaten them and keep them in line."Asemota, originally from Benin City in Nigeria, was identified as a main suspect in 2012 but fled back to her home nation when some of her co-conspirators were arrested.The article addresses how Pentecostals in Benin navigate and negotiate cultural continuities and discontinuities in relation to church authority and family life.In recent years, relations of intimacy in Africa have experienced important transformations.Based on ethnographic research in the Republic of Benin, this article explores how Pentecostal teachings on marriage and the management of sexual pleasure contribute to shaping converts’ moral selves.For Pentecostals, fidelity towards God, when single and fidelity between partners, once married, is presented as the ideal model of partnership to which every “Born-Again” should aspire.View the girls' takeover interactive wall On 5 October, Sajju, 17, took over the role of Nepal’s first female President, Bidhya Devi Bhandari.As part of her role, she led a mock parliamentary session where she was joined by 40 other girls from across the country, who took the roles of Prime Minister, Speaker of the House and Members of Parliament.