Itunes always updating library on boot

It has being doing that for two days now, and it is not working yet, even after restarting the computer. I pressed shift-option-command and clicked on i Tunes in the dock.i Tunes started in safe mode, it said 'i Tunes is starting in safe mode and any visual add ons will be disabled" clicked OK and it started up and went throught the library update with no problems.Since i Tunes 12 was released to public with OS X Yosemite, users never stop complaining about bugs when updating their i Tunes to the latest one.

itunes always updating library on boot-1

My network at work does not allow access to the i Tunes store, but that is ok.Bear in mind that there are some preferences that aren't in the XML file, such as the sync settings for your i OS devices, which you'll have to redo manually.I have Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2, and after I made my last OS updates, i Tunes (10.5.2) freezes at the "updating library" step.When you open i Tunes in Safe Mode, you isolate the program from any interference caused by plug-ins or scripts not manufactured by Apple.To start i Tunes in safe mode, hold down the Shift and Control keys on your keyboard while you open i Tunes.The windows popping up in the background even cause typo errors sometimes on my system when I use programs under X11 when they appear.Very nasty, if i don't find a fix i'll have to remove i Tunes and switch to another program. I have tried to sign out of both the App Store and i Cloud...I just want to listen to my local music connection there.I have disabled the i Tunes Store in the parental settings completely, but still, the error pops up with each and every song change.Any idea how to prevent i Tunes from showing this popup?There are two major annoyances here in i Tunes imho a) i Tunes tries to access the store even if it is disabled completely in the settings and you're signed out b) The error messages "staple" on top of each other, so i Tunes diplays the same error 1000 times and you have to click them all away. I use Little Snitch to block outgoing connections if I don't want to access the i Tunes Store, and get the same error messages.