Irregular reinforcement dating

The goal of the experiment is to have the rat press a lever as many times as possible.

The rat is given a pellet of food after it presses a lever.

Take the test, read about the implications, and check out the remedies.

Scientists discovered the biological power of intermittent reinforcement in observing mice.

The fear of not receiving the reward was so strong they literally harmed themselves just for the chance of getting it.

In relationships, intermittent reinforcement works the same way: periods of love and affection are alternated with periods of abuse, neglect, and creating fear of losing the relationship.

How do I either get out of a relationship in which these things are active -- or stay in the relationship without being victimized by these dynamics?

Whether we decide to end a relationship with someone with BPD, stay with them, or whether the person is a parent or a child, it is necessary to understand "traumatic bonding", and "intermittent reinforcement", and how these things might keep us involved with the person in an unhealthy way.