Intimidating soccer chants

With so many different ones used to help inspire teams and throw off the opposition, here are my personal favorites that every sports nut should yell at least once in their lifetime.Opposites Months Places: The Zoo, The Park Sports For more free chants click here.They say you shouldn't mock the afflicted and homosexuality is a disability just like any other, but there is a big difference between cruel and insulting verbal abuse and the light-hearted humorous banter you get at soccer matches, but some gay "rights" extremists don't see it that way.The fans of the island nation had much to cheer during last night's group F game, their first ever appearance at the tournament.As we build this page we intend to have more original songs and chants written for specific moments throughout games so that we can continue to build a unique soundtrack to be heard each week at the Rio T.Our intent is for RSL fans and supporters everywhere come up with as many new, original chants as possible that can live on throughout the years. This is another 100% original RSL pride song that can be sung at anytime to show our love for this club.

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Calluzzo is a long time associate of the Lupertazzi family.

We want everyone in the stands at the Rio T to feel like they belong and are united with all other fans and supporters, so everyone feels like an equal part of the RSL family.

It was that mission that motivated me to record some of the classic chants heard throughout the stadium each week, as well as to write new, original, and unique RSL chants.

As you send in your ideas, remember one thing: Originality is what really sets us a part! This is for each and every one of you who support RSL. Here is another 100% original RSL song literally shouting our pride for our club, where we are at, and our belief that we will score. Be loud, be proud, and be a part of the energy filling the Rio T! LET'S HEAR YOUR VOICES ROAR, AS WE GET SET TO SCORE. This is a classic call and response chant intended for use anytime during a match to get different sections of the crowd interacting together.

When we are inside the Rio T we are all there with one common goal: To cheer to victory. So please use your voice, clap your hands, and join your fellow RSL fans as we continue to create the best atmosphere we can for our boys. This is appropriate at any time that we want to "YELL FOR RSL" and show our pride! This chant requires participation from several different groups, so if you hear one section beginning it, make sure your section finishes it.