Intimidating job interview questions

Start with your experiences and proven success, then move onto your skills, strengths, and abilities.Everyone hates this one, because there seems to be no good way to answer it.One of the popular tactics is to incorporate difficult, unsettling questions into the standard job interview repertoire, in order to prompt "off the cuff" answers that may be more revealing of a job seeker's true capabilities.

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The article also provides typical customer-service job interview questions and answers.” With the increase in the consumption of all kinds of consumer goods, customer service representatives are in demand.As no special schooling is required, it is a wonderful possibility for unskilled job seekers.Here are some tips for the customer-service interview: 1.A job interview is a personal meeting with a prospective employer to assess the qualifications of an applicant for employment for a job.It is a conversation between a candidate and a hiring manager or Human Resources representative from the employing company.Don't launch into a mini-speech about your childhood, schooling, hobbies, early career and personal likes and dislikes.Instead, briefly cite recent personal and professional work experiences that relate to the position you're seeking and that support your credentials.But of course, we can't be prepared for everything — and there are some questions that are worse than others.A survey conducted by recruitment website Totaljobs questioned 6,000 people looking for work. Here they are: This is a hard question to answer, because you'd think that the reasons would have become clear throughout the interview. Unfortunately, this is often used as an ice-breaker question, so you better be prepared to tackle it straight away.However, while the prospect of being asked these interview questions may be frightening, with a little practice applicants can turn them to their advantage and use them to stand out from the crowd.They may be designed to catch job seekers off guard, but in fact the trick to fielding hardball interview questions is to prepare for them in advance.