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Speed dating, rotating dinners and travel dates; Professionals in the City has it all.

Its not just internet dating, we provide real places with real people and everyone is looking for someone.

Now with the advance of internet dating we are witnessing a similar evolution in love.

Whereas for our parents’ generation finding a partner was still a matter of luck and geographical proximity, this has now completely changed thanks to the Internet.

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As we all look to take advantage of this important reality of the online world, I encourage you to be smart about your personal brand.Because we know how hard it is to meet like-minded people, we’re not the kind of dating agency that just sees you as a number.We meet with all our members in person to find exactly what type of person you are looking for.A better one was last summer, whizzing though night-time London on my bicycle, with a beautiful girl perched on the back, laughing and holding me tight.Two years' romancing the web began innocently enough.There are events all over the Washington DC area, picnics to restaurants, bars and even foreign destinations.Professionals in the City is just that, professional, Singles Washington DC can actually meet real people and start real relationships.When it comes to personal branding, we’ve certainly seen some crazy things lately.We learned hilarious branding lessons from Mexican drug lords and uncovered a trend of using fake names while internet dating.Our aim is to give tailored advice to help our male and female clients, aged 40 to meet new partners.We have offices in Yorkshire, Lancashire and London areas, so you can trust us to help you find that special someone near you. Or call us on 07494 259885We take immense pride in being different from other dating sites.