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Whether you’re here out of curiosity for illicit dating, thinking about taking that first step in married dating or actively seeking an extramarital affair, or even if you’re involved in an alternative relationship already and you just want to speak to like-minded people, you’ll find Forbidden Fruit Dating a blissful escape from the constraints of everyday life.The Forbidden Fruit Forum is FREE to view most posts and threads.If I don’t send the right clothes with my kids for gym, or I forget to get the food ready for my husband’s dinner party, the world won’t end but it certainly becomes unpleasant for my family and I whilst I catch up.Disapproving looks from teachers contend with my husband’s irritation at his wife’s lack of foresight not creating the best impression right before promotion time.Every now and then, even the hardiest of Alpha mummies gets sick to death of the never-ending demands created by homework and household management and longs for a little less routine.Many of us dream of a life of hedonistic freedom, punctuated only by leisurely lunches and glamorous parties.If you come from London, Birmingham Liverpool, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Leicester or Bristol, you are in the right place to meet someone special.

I run a home and work and with a family to raise as well, I have to be super ordered, disciplined and on top of who needs to be where, at all hours, to keep things ticking over.

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I have read some bad reviews of this site but as a woman I can say it worked for me.

It doesn’t matter if you are in your twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties or seventies or if you live in a City or in the country in the UK.

We have literally tens of thousands of members in all areas of the UK.