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Huge hoops, dangly chandeliers, statement necklaces – wear these on dates.If you think that men don’t notice jewellery, read on: several independent pieces of research discovered that men found photos of women wearing jewellery more attractive than pictures of the same women going bare.On a random afternoon, a sick and twisted little girl decided that she didn’t have enough men hating her yet, so she tried an experiment on Tinder—inspired by a Medium post by Blake Jamieson.Seventeen hours later, she got over 2,015 Tinder matches.I don’t know the rules, therefore I think there is no box, and push things beyond their limits.I do crazy things on various social networks all the time, to find loopholes and tricks.

I’m sure you could identify my “type” if you aggregated my Tinder swipes.

Tinder built its app empire on the idea that dating is superficial, so now, multiple students at the New Jersey Institute of Technology are leaning into that idea.

They have developed a new dating app called Face Date that relies on a facial recognition algorithm to generate potential matches.

Tinder users, on their smartphone touchscreens, swipe right on profiles and photos they like and swipe left if they don't. Jamieson, 29, found some interesting dating insights.

For instance, only 8 percent of women made the first move, until he made some adjustments to his profile and raised that rate to 18 percent.