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Nam Joo Hyuk himself once revealed that Lee Sung Kyung's character in the drama is his ideal type as a girlfriend. I don't really care about the physical aspects."In a separate interview, Nam Joo Hyuk seemingly always refer to Lee Sung Kyung and her character as his ideal woman.

I think a friend who can be a source of encouragement will be good for me, since I work in this field.

Loud, proud and bumbling yet irrepressibly lovable, Song Yi throws Do Min Joon off guard, and he can't help but protect her when her career takes a stumble.

The two begin to fall in love despite themselves but Do Min Joon's days on earth are numbered.

To realize 3D photographing, it is needed to be complemented by dual camera technology.

Four centuries later, he is still living in Korea and working as a professor, the latest of many identities he's taken on through the years.Seong-gyeong Hwang is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Free filipina asian dating dealing with my ex wife dating charmed dead man dating.Seong-gyeong Hwang has not yet updated their profile. 1.97 13 on't lean and don't expect.31 14 orry for not being cool / Thanks for not being cool.05 15 gyeong hwan dating Two women who love one man.28 16 evertheless, marriage.62 Average.97 Source: AGB Nielsen Korea (cable standard ratings) Awards and nominations.LG Innotek has its own 3D camera technology applied for Optimus 3D, released in 2011 by LG Electronics.LG이노텍이 애플과 함께 3차원(3D) 촬영이 가능한 스마트폰용 카메라 모듈을 개발하고 있다. And FYI, Taeyeon never said that these 2 are not dating.But the couple that made me fall inlove with them is yongshin.LG Innotek united forces with Apple to develop a smartphone camera module which enables 3D photographing.The camera which uses LG Innotek’s dual camera will likely to be applied for Apple’s new products starting from the latter half of next year.LG이노텍의 듀얼 카메라를 이용한 이 카메라는 이르면 내년 하반기 애플 신제품에 적용될 전망이다.업계 관계자는 “애플이 자체 3D 카메라 기술을 LG이노텍의 스마트폰 카메라에 적용하는 방안을 연구하고 있다”며 “LG이노텍도 3D 카메라와 관련 기술이 있어 내년이면 결실을 맺을 것으로 보인다”고 22일 말했다.애플은 지난해 4월 이스라엘 스타트업 링스를 2000만달러(약 247억원)에 인수하며 3D 카메라 기술을 흡수했다. 옵티머스 3D는 세계 최초로 스마트폰에 3D 카메라를 장착해 눈길을 끌었지만 깊이감이 기대보다 떨어져 시장에서 큰 호응을 얻지는 못했다.2011년 창업한 링스는 촬영된 디지털 이미지를 3단계로 분할해 사진에 깊이감을 주는 기술을 보유하고 있다. 업계 관계자는 “듀얼 카메라처럼 3D 카메라도 시행착오를 거쳐 업계 대세로 자리잡을 것”이라고 예상했다.