Hacked login id and password for imlive Reallivecam com

Think twice before you fall for fraudsters’ tricks and leak your data to cheaters who will definitely misuse your personal details.

We would like to provide you with information about ways of improper credit obtaining and what hazards are there to using such sites and methods.

By clicking on those ads and even by merely watching them (as some pre-rolls for video ads are pay-per-view, not based on clicks), the fraudsters will be earning money.

You “only” need to submit your Jasmin user ID and your password and declare how many credits you want – free of charge of course.

The usual method is making users believe - with the use of fake videos - that submitting your data or downloading a software will actually add extra credits to your own existing Jasmin account.

Hacked login id and password for imlive-84

Here’s all that we will ask you for: Once you provide this, you should instantly receive a confirmation email at the address provided.

Any lawyer brave enuf to work with me in bringing down this company PLEASE email me at [email protected] will be a million dollar easy winning case for any lawyer due to so many wanting this company's stealing to end. for the past 3 payperiods i was givin a large amount of chargebacks . Also, they keep 70 percent of the cash models make there, along with 70 percent of the tips from well intentioned members. All a guest has to do is tell imlive one bad thing about you, whether it's true or not or whether it's the guests fault for not being more clear on what they want in private, and imlive can perform a chargeback and deduct the earnings out of your paycheck or ban you from the site.

So thats how the earnings appeared in my earnings sheet a minus 100 dollars a charge back from so an so members . Model for not giving the show she was paid to give and Im Live for not firing the model that robbed the customer. this site is a true rip off, for models, AND the customers. I've had imlive close my account TWICE and I had to beg for my job back.

Once you have found a page like this, we test for vulnerability by simply entering a ‘ after the number in the url.

For example: com/page=1′ If the database is vulnerable, the page will spit out a My SQL error such as; Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid My SQL result resource in /home/wwwprof/public_html/on line 29 If the page loads as normal then the database is not vulnerable, and the website is not vulnerable to SQL Injection.