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As the image shows, Scotty (Daniel Hall) is looming in the background of the Chancellor mansion scene setting, which means that the current million ransom crisis will be resolved favorably. Miss Priss is fond of Kevin and did love him, when it was convenient for her to do so a few years ago.

However, those supposed feelings never overrode her obsession with Billy (then played by the great Billy Miller).

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“We fight hate, fear, bigotry, homophobia and injustice in the world with love, intellect and enlightenment. Prior to leaving Genoa City nearly three years ago, Chloe stole Billy’s DNA sample from an obviously unsecured laboratory.Speaking to herself and therefore the audience, this kooky bird said that she was going to have herself artificially inseminated in order to give birth to a second daughter that was as close to a carbon copy of Delia (Sophie Pollono) as was possible.Kevin is brokenhearted but has managed to find some joy in his life when he discovered Bella (Cali May Kinder) is his biological daughter with Chloe.The Young and the Restless’ Kevin Fisher has been a joy to watch as he evolved from criminal to working at the GCPD.Hometown: Brooklyn, New York Birthday: February 26 Greg Rikaart joined THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS in June 2003 as Kevin Fisher. He graduated with honors from Villanova University in Pennsylvania.In 2005, Rikaart won a Daytime Emmy as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. While in college, Rikaart spent a semester in Washington, D. After moving to Hollywood to pursue his career as an actor, Rikaart began training with Howard Fine and, early in his career, he appeared in shows including "As If," "Grounded For Life," "That's Life," "Gilmore Girls" and "Strong Medicine." Prior to landing the role of Kevin, Rikaart had a recurring role on "Dawson's Creek." Most recently, he guest-starred on "CSI: Miami," on the Network, "The Closer," and the online hit "Imaginary Bitches," for which he received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination.Y&R fans will remember when Kevin Fisher first appeared on screen, he was an online predator who had committed statutory rape on Lily Winters (now Ashby) (Christel Khalil) but managed to straighten his life out with the help of older brother and attorney, Michael Baldwin (Christian Le Blanc).Viewers couldn’t help but fall in love with the young and misunderstood Kevin, quickly forgiving his misdeeds and rooting for the underdog.Rikaart’s character, Kevin went on to having some epic love stories including his marriage to Jana Hawkes (Emily O’Brien) and of course his multiple marriages to Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson).Chloe has recently left Kevin standing at the altar as she escaped her unforgivable crimes of kidnapping and killing Adam Newman (Justin Hartley).