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All of the crates are stamped with the words: 'To Hull From Land of Green Ginger' but their contents remain unidentified.

Every story starts with a beginning, but the one you are about to hear potentially has two.

Mike Covell is an honorary member of the Green Ginger Fellowship, and has made a fascinating golden discovery from the cache of the Land of Green Ginger.

You can't believe you're in the middle of a city." Read more: 10 independent Hull shops you need to visit right now Residents of the apartment must walk through a vestibule complete with chandelier and ascend a spiral staircase to make it to the front door of the home, which comprises two full-sized bedrooms, a bathroom, an open plan living and dining area and, most importantly, a roof terrace.She is now appealing to residents in Longhill to join her in re-instating The Guild of Commoners.She said: "It's just something different and keeps us out of trouble."I don't see what harm can come from trying to do a few good things around the area and it would be nice to have like-minded people to join in."There are 100 places available in The Guild of Commoners.Mike Covell said: "Some stories talk of the King bringing the spice green ginger to the table, thus giving the name 'Land of Green Ginger' to the adjoining street.Another one tells of the King's love of meat, with claims the table was groaning under wild boar; this seemed to be validated on June 11, 1926, when the Hull Daily Mail reported that a dig close to where the Manor Hall once stood uncovered – you guessed it - the remains of a large wild boar." It is interesting to note that during the discovery, it was found that Bransholme takes its name from an old Scandinavian word meaning Brand's Water Meadow, with Brand meaning wild boar.Anyone local to Longhill who is interested in joining should email [email protected] register and find out more.A group of amateur investigators has reformed to examine a number of mysterious crates found stored in a forgotten vault under the city centre."We opened one inside the vault but the contents were clearly volatile and immediately vaporised," he said."For that reason, we're moving the remaining crates before attempting to open any more.We want to preserve whatever is inside as much as possible." Mr O'Brien said the words 'Acts of Wanton Wonder are coming' were found scorched on the inside of the lid of the crate they examined.Mystery surrounds the discovery of a large number of wooden crates in an underground chamber in Hull.