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I have a picture of the hidden items at the end of this guide.

', GO (monologue03,at Midnight) - June 5, PC, Cooking skills, 'I'm looking forward to it', - June 6, PC, Rival, 'Are you confident about winning?

Engage in heated battles for the survival of the ninjas, while also enjoying sweet romance with handsome ninjas!!

I'll guide you so the boys will end up falling in love with you too.

(MY CANDY LOVE and all related characters created by Chinomiko © 2011-2016) Notes: - Negative result for LOM/ Neutral result for LOM Positive result for LOMIllustrations: There are 5 Illustrations in total.

The illustrations do not appear to have any connection with the LOM, but I haven’t proven this yet.

Thanks' - May 25, ABS - May 26, PC, Dates, 'That's one of the cute part of you', GO - May 27, PC, Charlotte, 'That's too much, Isn't it', DATE - May 28, PC, Charlotte, 'She cares about you', GO (monologue02,at Midnight) - May 29, PC, Charlotte, 'Ofourse I am, GO - May 30, PC, An ideal girl, 'I prefer a girl like you', GO - May 31, PC, Dates, 'No way', GO - June 1, Hugging - June 2, PC, Celery, 'I dislike celery too', GO - June 3, PC, Charlotte, 'No way', GO - June 4, PC, Charlotte's behaviour, 'Why don't you ask her?

Credits About System configuration requirements, General Hints/Tips and Characters, please reference Mr. *Legend* PC - Private Chat GO - Going Out DATE - Appointment of date ABS - she's absent, you can go out or just chat with other members, it has no effect on the outcome IRR - not important. Amy - May 19, PC, The CRC, 'Because you're in the club', DATE - May 20, PC, Kate, 'Nothing', GO - May 21, PC, Sidney's character, 'It's for you', GO - May 22, PC, Rival, 'Don't worry about such a small thing', GO - May 23, PC, Tomorrow's plan, GO (monologue01,at Midnight) - May 24, 'It was fun.

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The orbits of Mercury and Venus lie inside Earth's orbit, so they are the only planets which can pass between Earth and Sun to produce a transit. In the case of Venus, there are on average two transits every one and a quarter centuries.To romance Damien you must agree to take his hand and be his freshman during initiation, then make up with him on Halloween. It's possible for Damien to try and date you even if you didn't choose him at Christmas.To romance Donald you need to make friends with him by going along with his pranks and schemes.As a result, Venus and Earth line up in the same positions with respect to the Sun.You are suddenly informed that you are actually a princess of ninja origin.', GO - May 28, PC, Strange dream, GO (monologue02,at Midnight) - May 29, PC, What Amy complained about, 'I don't think she had bad intentions', GO - May 30, PC, Meaning of the pager message, 'I can do it if it's you', GO - May 31, PC, The reason for her prostitution, 'You should tell her straight', GO - June 1, 'This is fine' - June 2, PC, Compatibility, 'You mean our sexual compatibility?', DATE - June 3, PC, Problems, 'Can you ask me for advice?You can meet him in detention, or help him out with the "box" prank after the first exam, or defend him after the dueling session.If he likes you, he'll invite you to merit-earning activities with him, and you should be able to choose him at Christmas. If you get him to win the bunny from the claw machine and then give it to him you'll get a few scenes with him later.I will mark these with: (towards illustration) and (Illustration) for the last dialogue. Keep going back and forth between the 'register and accessories’ and 'rodent aisle’ page before you go to the 'cat and dog aisle’ page.So to get the illustration you must complete 4 to 5 dialogues as well as pick the right date outfit. There are five items you must find to clean up the room.