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My past experiences with IRC has allowed me to build similar friendships, engage in flood wars, learn about other cultures, and catch on to the "unwritten social rules" about IRC.Here is what thousands of hours of chat time has taught me.Users are able to message in groups, called chat zones, functioning seamlessly across other platforms like MSN messenger and Google Talk.In the early stages of the application’s development, it was a cheaper replacement for SMS among the youth. On this screen is a program running with text messages scrolling up at a rapid pace. What is happening is instant communication with people all over the world.In a column on the left of the screen is a list of names that is being constantly updated, with as many as four or five hundred names listed. In that list of names could be people from every inhabited continent, sharing ideas, cultures, and customs. This is mainly because of the great new chat features available in the webcam chat.If you are seeking for a large chat site with a lot of chatters look no where else.

The Center for Biological Diversity is sending 40,000 free Endangered Species Condoms to the 10 most “sex-crazed” cities for Valentine’s Day.

While South Africa’s teachers were on strike in September, volunteers used the country’s largest social network to help students prepare for exams.

If you think they turned to Facebook, you would be wrong.

They turned to the country’s mobile instant messaging and social network service, MXit.

MXit is primarily a Java-based mobile application giving users the functionality to exchange instant messages practically for free.