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Are you going to take your enema like a good girl or am I going to have to do things my way?" Though Cindy could hear the edge in her voice, she got even angrier.We sat in smoky rooms, cleaned coffee cups when we didn’t even drink coffee, experiencing abusive crazy batshit 13 stepping older creepy men and women for far too long. That is if we hear Chapter 5 read one more time…surely, we would blow our brains out. We understand, whatever brought you here, whatever you googled, it’s okay. You found me, you have found tens of hundreds of us who never felt a part of AA or who NOW no longer feel a part of the 12 step culture. As the infamous Dragon Lady uses an ever escalating series of tortures to loosen her victim's tongue, Tara valiantly struggles to resist.But once the courier's lesbian lover becomes a bargaining chip, how much longer can the poor girl hold out?Select Location: Austria Belgium Canada Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Georgia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Lithuania Nederland Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom Alaska Alabama Arkansas Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Washington, D.

"So, this is the little cutie-pie that likes to play dress-up" Tessa smiled, looking him up and down."She's off on vacation this week, Cindy, and I'm Nurse Riley, her replacement.Now be a good girl while I give you your enema." In a foolish moment of pique, a sleepy Cindy let out her frustration. I want Nurse Adams to do that and no one else." "Young lady, I'm only going to ask you one more time.Warning: this relentless tale pulls no punches and could well be the most brutal story you have ever read. The girl watched in silence as her plane descended over Miami and approached the airstrip.She had the privilege to travel on business class so the eight hour flight was really comfortable, but unfortunately not too relaxing. She was excited, and with every minute the landing got closer, Tara felt her heartbeat quicken.This was not her first flight -- she had made an earlier roundtrip to Brazil just a month ago -- but this second one proved to be worse than the first.Tara worried that a lady like herself, flying twice to South America in such a short period of time, would grab the attention of US customs officers. Why are 90 % of Rehabs and Treatment Centers AA/NA based? Is it that for many years there wasn’t anything else? Why did I not even know till three years ago that any alternatives to 12 step even existed? It’s some crazy made up religious type 1936 cult thing or, not. So why is our government sending people in droves to 12 step. So why don’t the Courts and lawyers and Judges send DUI’s and problem drinkers to the many alternatives that have been around for over two decades. Some are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore. Please blog here, start your own blog and let’s hang until Stinkin- thinkin returns as I pray to the gods it will 🙂 1936 powerless 2011 EMPOWERED! Actually I think it’s dangerous if taken over zealously and I think many people feel it needs to be revamped and rewritten. So let me tell you right here right now as an x AA member, I know those true believing fools and what they are like. Please Rules of the road: No sexual harassment, no bullying, no homophobic slurs, no threats allowed ever.