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"David Norris, who is one of the great Irish heroes of recent times, had the courage of his convictions," he adds."And he also had a powerful legal team, headed by Mary Robinson, who went on to become the President of Ireland. This is an opportunity to do the right thing by all of the people on this island – and by gay people all over the world. It is an opportunity for us, as a people and as a democracy, to show the way. Let there be light." Looking beyond the momentous vote, there's also a focus on Forbidden Fruit, which once again takes over Kilmainham for three days of – hopefully – sun soaked action.Sie sind in einer Partnerschaft und unzufrieden mit dem Sex?Im gemeinsamen Bett passiert alles, nur keine Leidenschaft?The couples – Steph and Megan and Dean and Martin – were photographed sharing an intimate kiss with their same sex partners by Kathrin Baumbach specially for this issue's cover.Hot Press has always campaigned vocally on the issue of gay rights and equality, and the striking images make a clear statement about the value and integrity of same sex love, ahead of polling day on May 22.

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