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Romeo & Juliet-type AU thingy, with a much younger (read: seventeen) and more naïve Andy, who rebels against her father's authoritarian rule--especially when she meets his longtime enemy, the enigmatic Miranda Priestly.

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Andrea Sachs, a recent graduate of Brown University with a degree in English, moves to New York City with her best friend, Lily, a graduate student at Columbia.

If she manages to work for Miranda for a year, people tell her, she can have her choice of jobs within the magazine industry.

At a celebrity party, Andrea meets Christian Collinsworth, a charismatic Yale graduate who is considered one of the hot, new up-and-coming writers of their generation.

Andrea hopes to find a career in publishing and blankets the city with her résumé.

She believes she'll be closer to her dream of working for The New Yorker if she can get a job in the magazine industry.