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It caused me a lot of confusion when I was young because it’s not easy to be ethnically ambiguous in America. ’ ‘Yes, I did all the cards and envelopes for Robin Thicke’s wedding!But I learned to embrace being a mixed-race woman.’ ‘I’ve enjoyed living in Canada [where Suits is filmed] for the past five years, without Rambo & co. We’re losing the art of handwriting and it’s such a shame.It caused me a lot of confusion when I was young because it's not easy to be ethnically ambiguous in America.But I learned to embrace being a mixed-race woman.'And Meghan revealed some more obscure secrets about herself – such as the fact that she is a trained calligrapher who wrote the invitation cards and envelopes for pop singer Robin Thicke's 2005 wedding.Meghan said she supported gun control measures in the US, and wished more people would take a stance to try to stem 'so many needless deaths' – as Piers did on his CNN show.She also spoke about her mixed race upbringing, saying: 'My dad's Caucasian, my mother's African-American, so I'm half-white, half-black.Which women and men do we still miss 15 years later? NOTE: Only characters who appeared in two or more episodes were eligible for this list ... We left ourselves a few one-shot wild cards, because what would this list be without the Lionel Tribbeys or Evelyn Baker Langs of the show? And in the early seasons, she was the White House staffer most prone to making mistakes on the job.Played By: Allison Janney Number of Episodes: 154One of the great mysteries of Hollywood—nay, of life—is that Aaron Sorkin is a fairly condescending and certainly problematic writer of women. But her capability and combination of strength and simple compassion represented the fantasy of the Bartlet White House better than anyone. —Signature Episode: The “Manchester” two-parter that kicks off season three features C. at her lowest, after she completely blunders the press-briefing that follows Bartlet’s MS announcement/military action in Haiti.

So, I wrote to all sorts of people including Hillary Clinton and the soap’s manufacturers Procter & Gamble, demanding they change it.

My focus is on being a mom, and that's hard enough." Fair enough.

She also takes an unusually refreshing perspective on those late-night feedings that leave so many new parents in a bleary-eyed stupor.

The forensic specialists of the Crime Scene Investigation Unit use cutting-edge technology to unravel the tiniest details and solve the most difficult cases in the seventh season of the hit crime drama.

Don't expect Emily Procter to be the sort of celebrity mom who slips straight from the delivery room into her size 0 jeans.