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She also proves disarmingly open about her years-long battle with depression. "And obviously that's a very personal thing to say, but I say it to encourage whatever other people are feeling. No more." In 2014, as roadblocks to same-sex marriage topple throughout the country and such gay-friendly shows as proliferate, the prospect of another celebrity coming-out story might not seem all that remarkable.It has been 17 years, after all, since Ellen De Generes declared, "Yep, I'm Gay," on the cover of -- a landmark moment for gay and lesbian visibility that, America tends to forget, was followed by the cancellation of her ABC sitcom and three years of industry radioactivity.But her new dress sense has seemingly divided some.Staying in the closet meant Page became subject to various media reports linking her to male co-stars including Canadian actor Mark Rendall, X-Men star Ben Foster and latterly her East co-star Alexander Skarsgard.'I would talk about being gay, make jokes about it, or go to a meeting and [mention it] - because I'm also producing and starring in a lesbian civil rights movie [Freeheld starring Julianne Morore] and I've been working on it for years,' she tells The Hollywood Reporter.She's outfitted in her preferred uniform of jeans, red flannel shirt and black bomber jacket, a "TOM BOY" trucker hat pulled snugly over her head.It begins with a handshake and a world-weary smile, and not long after she's reminiscing about the warm welcome that greeted her on the different already.'" PHOTOS: ' X-Men: Days of Future Past' Star Ellen Page-- Exclusive Portraits of the Actress Over the course of a wide-ranging two-hour conversation, Page gets fired up (about "binary gender systems," as well as discussion of her producing her first film), starry-eyed (at the thought of one day getting married and raising kids) and flat-out silly (about her addiction to renaming people's pets on Twitter)."She's awesome and we have so much fun together," she said. It's the best."Too sweet., Page plays a drifter who kidnaps a baby because she doesn't think her boozy pill-popping mother is capable of taking care of her.Page's co-stars not only include Allison Janney, Uzo Aduba, Zachary Quinto, John Benjamin Hickey and Tammy Blanchard, but also a 15-month-old child."Honestly, it's one of the most special acting experiences I've ever had," Page said.

Whether you're new to the Emmy-winning and Grammy-nominated Andy Samberg or you're looking for the latest Andy news, images, and videos, come here to find out about the king of The Lonely Island, Saturday Night Live, Lazy Sunday, Laser Cats, Junk in a Box, Dear Sister, Hot Rod, J**z in My Pants, I'm on a Boat, Mother Lover, On the Ground, and Shy Ronnie.Hosting "Saturday Night Live" in 2008, she poked fun at the speculation in a sketch while recounting a Melissa Etheridge concert to her boyfriend, played by "SNL's" Andy Samberg.“It was so inspiring! "And then the Indigo Girls came out and I was like, 'Ahhh! '"And then Ellen De Generes did this bit about being in the closet when she was young and I was like, 'Ahhh! "And it was so funny and so true, and I didn’t know what to do with myself because I felt so free.”"Did you go gay at that concert? And now I’m finally burning bright with sister fire! Oh god, there were all these cute short haircuts and wearable art and I don't care that I didn't have any makeup on. 'And I just couldn't on an inexplicable level - soul, if I may.Nowadays, the star is usually seen in her favourite jeans and checked shirt - at the post Oscars Vanity Fair party this year she arrived sporting a tuxedo.Ellen Page's artist girlfriend Samantha Thomas may not have been by her side at this year's Sundance Film Festival, but all is still amazing between the two."She's home working," Page told me at the premiere of her new dramedy . When I asked if she's still in love (I was there when the couple made their red carpet debut in September at the Toronto International Film Festival), Page beamed, "Absolutely!"Page's secret to the long lasting relationship is quite simple.The viral response to it -- the You Tube video racked up 6 million views -- was like a mass exhalation of relief, as if a key puzzle piece to this endearing yet enigmatic star had at last clicked into place.'I used to wish that it was a switch that I could turn, and play the game and do the thing and put on the thing and smile and whatever,' she recalls.Next movies: What's Your Number, and Friends with Benefits. Natalie Portman and Andy Samberg Sharing More Than Laughs Wednesday May 23, 2007Has Natalie Portman found Saturday Night Love with funnyman Andy Samberg?A source tells Us Weekly that the 25-year-old actress is dating the Saturday Night Live star, who has also been linked with Kirsten Dunst, 25.