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Gretzky will also be back for the Oilers’ home-opener Oct.

12 as part of the new building’s NHL coming-out party. They turned over every stone to make it player- and fan-friendly.” Wayne was thrilled when Keith, then Boston’s head of amateur scouting, phoned him about six weeks ago to tell him Chiarelli had asked the Bruins for permission to talk about joining the Oilers.

I am saddened by Walterdale Theatre’s decision to cancel its upcoming production of Shakespeare’s Othello, the story of a Moorish general in the Venetian army who is the victim of a manipulative plot to separate him from his wife, Desdemona, who is desired by a nobleman, Rodrigo.

I am not sad to be missing Walterdale’s, um, inventive and modern interpretation of the 400-year-old plan.

I’m sad because rather than go ahead with its controversial (to say the least) production, Walterdale has caved into threats it claims to have received online and in-person. So if Walterdale’s board of directors, staff and performers felt unsafe as a result of the threats – the full nature of which have not been disclosed – then I will not fault them for cancelling the play that was set to open next week.

Before I go any further, let me be clear: Walterdale is run by volunteers. It just would have been nice had they stood up for their right to free expression in the face of bullying by anonymous detractors.

The city gives them licences so that the sex trade stays off the street.

“I was a little faster in the older rink than I am on this ice,” laughed Gretzky, now 55, six years older than Keith. Keith was seldom around Edmonton when Wayne was playing here despite, the blow-back from critics who say it was another Old Boys Club hire, but Keith, who never made it to the NHL but had a long minor-league career, was always an Oilers fan.

Keith was a third-round draft pick of Buffalo in 1985 (56th overall) but following in Wayne’s footsteps was expectedly rough for the small centre.

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