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5 minutes after arrival, my optical sockets fell upon the physical structure of a quite genetically fortunate femenine specimen (about a penny short of a dime).

I made eye contact and kept it with her as I made my approach.

(her jaw dropped, obviously surprised…then turned into a smile) Me (pretending like she said I was right about her): Dammit, I hate it when Im right! (I start walking away, but she grabs me by the arm) Her: What’s your name?

Me: That depends…you tell me your name, and if I like it I’ll tell you mine.

Me: You know what they say about girls who wear these, right? (I pause for a few seconds, then crack a hint of a smile) Me: That you cant afford enough jewelry, so you use your bracelets as earrings.It is unusual amongst the dating companies in that it only has one dating coach, David De Angelo himself (real name Eben Pagan).Double Your Dating made a name for itself with its "Cocky & Funny" approach to attracting women. I bought your book off e Bay and boy, was I surprised. Or if they open a bottle of expensive wine, THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN DRINKING IT THEMSELVES. Thanks for telling everybody to download my ebook, I really don't say this enough myself - I know I'm supposed to be a businessman, but it's so hard to ask people to BUY something from you, even it it is for THEIR OWN GOOD. What really pleased me was the part where you degraded and humiliated her in front of a coworker! My friends that take women on dates to beautiful restaurants would be GOING THERE ANYWAY, and they just happen to be taking the woman along with them. It's like there's a switch inside me that turns off the thoughts in my head whenever I need them most. I heard your methods are really good and I really hope you can help me. ***SUCCESS STORY*** Dear Dave, I give you gratitude in SPADES.Now fully converted against the way of the WUSSY, my knowledge is expanding like Oprah’s waistline." Well, how many dates has THAT attitude gotten you, mister? Instead of just standing there looking like a maniac, engage her in a GAME. At this time the company's products and seminars took more of an 'Inner Game/ Confidence' focus, such as "Man Transformation" and "Becoming Mr. Double Your Dating was founded on the back of its email newsletter and its first e Book the "Double Your Dating e Book".The book continues to be its most popular and well known product.