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The general consensus seems to edit the original file, pre-compile the site again, then publish the whole site again.Well I seem to have found a way that eliminates the need to publish the whole site again.In some cases, the 2015 Visual Studio C Redistributable package that is necessary for Finale to install and run properly will not install based on potential issues with Windows updates.The error that users would have seen (prior to the updating of the installer) if the 2015 C Redistributable was not installing would've looked like this...But my Quad core, Vista x64 box, barely uses any CPU & finishes finding updates in a tiny fraction of the time. to 13% on one core, then way less most the time is normal on it. It might use 2 - 6% and is not constant, like the dual core laptop is.If MS limiting BW on Vista, W7 updates is the problem, a quad core wouldn't finish , but none installed.Never read any attempt at explaining actual cause of high CPU use for svchost & wuauserv service.

Note: These steps apply to Windows 7 and Windows 8.

If you are getting errors about the required x64 architecture, these steps may not apply.

Please check your system information to see if you have a 64-bit operating system.

The only option I have checked in the PUBLISH WEB SITE dialog is "Use Fixed Naming and Single Page Assemblies".

I get prompted after a while that the previous (local) pre-compiled site will be deleted (and replaced by the current version); I click OK of course.