Detailsview detailsview1 fired event itemupdating which wasn t handled Really free sexchat dating sites no credit or sign up needed

The grid view is usedto show rows in the DB and when clicked to edit each row, a form view opens up in edit mode with that particular row info. My first question mandatory to have smth in the itemtemplate of the form view. Image Button imgbtn Submit; public delegate void Image Clicked Handler(object sender, Event Args e); public event Image Clicked Handler Image Clicked; pro...

I have controls in edititemtemplate and insertitemtemplate. Web user control doesn't fire events Hello: I'm having trouble making a web user control to fire its events, it doesn't event fire the Page_load event, don't know what it is, this is the control page header: Thanks for any help. Click event in Custom Control doesn't fire Hi, I've written the following little Custom Control.

You shouldn't have to explicitly call fw Hotel Details. This event is raised when a Form View control attempts to switch between edit, insert, and read-only mode, but before the mode actually changes.

There are similar questions on Stackoverflow and other websites, but I seem to miss something.

I set the Select Method to various values depending on the user's choices.

I've found an answer in other forum, and though I didn't find the code of Form View, I've found a Details View implementation and I think in this case it might be similar.

When a particular row is edited, I would like to show a status msg showing that the row has been updated. :( Thanks, I already found the problem, the On_init method was not anywhere... Everything works fine (the Link Button Controsl are rendered) but the Click Event in line 36 doesn't fire.

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