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At the time of birth he was given the name Benjamin by his parents who were Jewish immigrants. He grew up in a crime-ridden section of Williamsburg where there were Irish and Italian gangs.

Siegel began the life of crime by extorting money from push peddlers on the Lower East Side of New York and by starting up the Bugs-Meyer Gang with Meyer Lansky whom he had met at the age of 12.

The mesh of the two — his past and present — have precipitated national coverage this past week as the Chiefs prepare for an AFC Divisional playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. “With that perspective, if that means someone needs to have the title of ‘abuser’ for the rest of their life, I’m not so sure it’s inappropriate to label them as such.” The Chiefs drafted Hill in the fifth round in April, about eight months after he pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation of his pregnant girlfriend in August 2015.

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When confronted about his dishonesty, Hunter continued to deny driving the car and became argumentative.

Hunter, who was living in Winder, was charged with driving while his license was suspended, while Hill, who lives in Athens, was charged with battery.

This group of criminals was organized by Charles “Lucky” Luciano and other Italian gangsters, and their goal was to kill off many of the veteran gangsters in New York.

In 1931 Siegel along with four others were hired to execute Joe “the Boss” Masseria, a Sicilian mobster.