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A flash makes it really difficult for people to feel at ease. ’ That’s exhausting for them, and it’s not an easy way to catch a candid moment!

With a lighthearted, positive attitude, I will make the most of our time together, coaxing genuine smiles from even the most camera-shy! Q: I’m really shy/weird about having my photo taken. A: Find a photographer who knows how to make people feel at ease and comfortable. A: For dating headshots, I shoot on location with natural light. Q: Do I get to keep all the photos taken during the shoot? You get to choose these from the 100 taken during our shoot. You can take as much time as you like to review the images.The closest you can get to the service provided by datingheadshots is a professional photographer.This can be more expensive and time consuming as one has to locate the photographer and scan it onto a computer by yourself.The exact same type of head shot that will lift off an actor’s career to land a role in “The Producers” or “Sex in the City” will work also as successfully for someone who wishes to use it for Internet Dating! Jinsey is a natural light photographer who shoots in her floor-to-ceiling windowed Tribeca apartment living room. To convey WARMTH, APPROACHABILITY, and a type of ALIVENESS that all Jinsey’s photographs do naturally!Datingheadshots also allows you to view the portfolios of the photographers allowing you to guage an idea of what would suit you best.Datingheadshots provides photographs in lots of different styles allowing you to vary your look and even the simplest package allows two minor costume changes.One can then browse the photographer's portfolio and select the one that you like the most. Reserve the date and time for your shoot with your photographer. Within 48 hours of your shoot, they'll send a link to your email that will take you to the online portfolio of your pictures.In this portfolio, you'll have access to ALL your shots There are currently no similar product providers.At Dating Headshots we understands how important a good first impression is, and when it comes to online dating your photo is your first impression.Dating Headshots has worked with top online dating companies such as,, and others.