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Ever wonder how some people seem to walk into a room and command everyone’s attention? You cannot make successful connections without strong eye contact.Or how your one buddy always gets a warm response when talking to girls? Even more so than having a confident voice, eye contact is the foundation of all your social interactions.Tense, narrow eyes typically occur when we feel “negative” emotions.That includes fear, anxiety, anger, stress, and insecurity.Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, the most flamboyant and outspoken member of the multiplatinum trio TLC, has died, according to a spokesperson for the group's label, Arista Records. The rapper/singer perished in a car accident late Thursday night while she was vacationing in Honduras.(Click here for photos of Left Eye and friends.) "We had all grown up together and were as close as a family.While the whole “eyes are the windows to your soul” may sound cheesy, it’s actually a profound statement.

When you’ve been robbed of human contact for seven days, an exchanged glance feels jarring. But it didn’t stop a bolt of electricity from sifting through the entirety of my body. I was suddenly overcome with unexpected pinpricks of wild lust. The longer we looked into each other’s eyes, the more and more I wanted her. Our eyes were speaking their own wordless language made up entirely of sex, and lust, and heat and chemistry. In 1998, American psychologist Art Aron brought dozens of couples (men and women who’d never met before) together in his lab at New York State University.There he asked them to look into each other’s eyes for two minutes without saying a word. Afterwards, the overwhelming majority of test subjects reported feeling extremely attracted to their test partner.I was in the dark downstairs area of a tiny downtown club. The lights of the club turned on in that brutal, almost painful way in which they do when the clock strikes 4 am in the great city of New York. My friend stumbled over to me with half-opened, slanted, inebriated eyes and slurred that she needed to be taken home. It was a massive f*cking tease that left me weak in the knees and begging for MORE. It’s so rare to have really good eye sex in this dark digital age. Are we so consumed with our phones, hell-bent with the latest laptop, knee-deep in a slew of dating apps — that we’ve shied away from eye contact, period? I love feeling nervous — it shakes me out of my comfort zone. It takes a confident human being to directly gaze into your wide-set doe eyes and undress you. When someone has the ability to seduce you without a touch, without a cheap word — just from the intensity of his or her stare, it’s hot. She identifies as a "mascara lesbian" and lives beyond her means on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She's consumed by style, sexuality, women, words, fashion and feelings.The air inside sharply contrasted with the air outside. I felt insatiable, and fueled with the desire to soak in every second of this exploded moment. I felt like her eyes were spelling out all of my secrets, desires and wicked fantasies. Full-frontal eye contact is so direly rare in the Internet generation. We’re spending so much time disconnecting and disengaging from the populous by staying in the safe haven of our laptops. When we’re feeling overcome with sweeping sensations of unabashed lust, it’s an all-consuming, powerful feeling. All of a sudden, they’re in total control of you as this person teases you with his or her pressing eyes. When we’re turned on, there’s always a healthy dose of unease. It leaves us wondering how amazing this person would be in bed. She identifies as a "mascara lesbian" and lives beyond her means on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.(One of the couples even got married a year later.) Now it’s probably not a good idea to first stare silently and intently into the eyes of the first beautiful stranger you encounter in the Pick n Pay…unless you want to make the wrong kind of impression entirely.According to her spokesperson, a three-person group called Egypt, her brother, sister and two producers were in the vehicle with her.The spokesperson said the SUV tipped over and Left Eye died after sustaining a blow to the head.Today we have truly lost our sister," Lopes' TLC partners Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas said in a statement (see "Chilli, T-Boz, Jermaine Dupri Remember TLC's Left Eye"). "Lisa was not only a gifted and talented musical inspiration, but more importantly, she was like a daughter to me.Friday afternoon (April 26) on MTV's "TRL," the audibly distraught ladies phoned in, saying, "Lisa had one of the biggest hearts of anybody we've ever known. Lisa could do anything she put her mind to." "No words can possibly express the sorrow and sadness I feel for this most devastating loss," Arista CEO L. My thoughts and prayers are with Lisa's family and friends.