Dating rolex watches by serial number

Rolex serial numbers have been increased from 7 to 8 digits, and now contain random letters and numbers.

Our chart to lookup Rolex serial by year is a valuable tool that’s simple to use.

By now the Serial Number will be composed of a random generated 8-digit mix of lettersand numbers which means that from now on only Rolex can tell you when the watch wasproduced.

It is imperative to know the model number of the Rolex Watch you plan to purchase before actually buying the watch.

Rolex by 2010 only engraved the flange and mostly abandoned their conventional numbering sequence in favour of random serial numbers.Around 1953, the numbers reached the 999,999 mark, at which time Rolex decided against adding a 7 digit, thus continuing into the "millions"--Instead, they started the sequence over.While it was originally believed that this resequence started over at 100,000, or even 20,000, but evidence suggests that it actually restarted at 10,000 or possibly lower.Whether you want to buy or sell your Rolex watch, you’re at the right place.Additionally, you can refer to our page that describes the simple process to sell Rolex watches or trade your Rolex.Die Seriennummer ist nun 8-stellig und nicht wie bisher 7-stellig.Sie besteht aus einer zufallsgenerierten Kombination aus Zahlen und Buchstaben.1987 startete Rolex dann damit vor die 6-stellige Seriennummer noch ein Buchstabe zu setzten.In 1987 Rolex started to put a letter in front of the 6-digit serial number: Anfang 2010 änderte Rolex das System der Gehäusenummerierung.Remember, Becker Time is one of the most trusted online distributors of pre-owned Rolex watches.As a result, our expertise can help you determine the highest value of your pre-loved Rolex watch.