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This happened years ago, but it still delights me to no end.

An ex refused to take me skiing with him and his buddy because "I'd just slow him down." I said "His wife and I can take beginners classes and meet your for lunch and then hit the bunny trails." Oh no. Months later, and many lessons later, I ran into him at Windham Mountain (upstate NY). I had just gotten off the chair lift that was going to drop me off on the green (beginner) trail.

No credit card data has yet been uncovered as part of the hack.

That data is incredibly revealing and potentially damaging.

So he sent Gordon, who he had dated for less than a year, a text telling her she’d better “watch her back.” She again responded in a completely sane and rational way… Well, yesterday, Jack appeared before an Aberdeen Sheriff Court to discuss what Gordon’s lawyers are calling his “threatening and abusive” behavior.

“Since that time the relationship has ended, Miss Gordon found the accused had been in a relationship with another female,” prosecutor Laura Begg told the court.

When signing up for an account, customers must enter their gender, which gender they're interested in hooking up with and what kind of sexual situations they desire.

I appreciate looks aren’t everything (you should see my first wife!!!

), but there is nothing to suggest that the site is still active and when I tried to order something I was met with a plethora of error messages.

My advice to online daters is to meet the person behind the profile within the first few weeks to ensure it’s an authentic profile.

If that person makes excuses not to meet then move on.”One woman called Jo told us about her personal experience of the dark side of online dating.