Dating one night

It is not on every dating site that you can get a one night stand.

If you are going to land a one night stand on an online dating site, then you need to approach your potential partner in a good way.

Whether you met on Tinder, or through traditional methods at a bar or club, there's no embarrassment with your night of fun. Instead of having to tiptoe out of bed early in the morning to freshen up, you're relieved because you brought your one-night stand kit. Other than making sure you're protected, a good rule of thumb is to keep a wrinkle-free shirt, trousers, anti-microbial undies, and a couple grooming items in there so you're ready to get some and look forward to the next grueling work day.

While you won't be able to know ahead of time if you'll get lucky from traditional pick-up methods, you can definitely pack ahead if your dating app texting game is on point. The perfect bag needs to be sturdy enough for all your stuff yet stylish enough for an epic night out that ends in the office the next morning.

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I have absolutely no rules when it comes to when I sleep with someone I’m dating. I have always said to my friends, it doesn’t matter when you sleep with a man, you can wait four hours or four months, if he’s a jerk he’ll be one regardless. I feel like I’ve been dating since the dawn of time.