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The fact that these chips are so small is important for all those in the GPS tracking community for several different reasons, the least of which is that small GPS chips are freakin’ cool.The others mainly have to do with the future of GPS tracking.If you want to wake up when you’re sleeping the lightest, try Sleep Cycle, a 99-cent app from Northcube.Available for i OS and Android, the app records the percentage of sleep quality and the average time in bed.

Automilez has a sweet interface, but you do need to create a free account first. As an avid geocacher, I rely on a Garmin Nuvi, a Garmin e Trex H, an i Phone, and a compass to locate tupperware in the woods.Am Aze GPS is a free turn-by-turn voice GPS app for the i Phone.Then you simply add in your odometer reading when you start and click “ Download Automilez [i Tunes link] This is one of my favorite apps.This is a no-frills GPS system that works quite nicely. There are no bells and whistles, and that is just fine because my kids can’t understand all the other twiddly bits anyway.It also highlights when the shortest night of sleep occurred.Sleep Cycle uses the i Phone’s accelerometer to track your sleep phases, and the app wakes you during light sleep. This free app for i OS and Android includes a motion tracker that uses a smartphone’s accelerometer.You can view in 2D or 3D, and it offers many of the features of expensive GPS apps!This is a perfect app for people who need to track mileage for reimbursement.I know this may be old news to some of the GPS enthusiasts of the world, but there is this company from New Zealand that is making some really ridiculously small GPS tracking chips – and I mean ridiculously small.The company’s name is Rakon, and they make GPS chips for all sorts of things, but most of their chips are geared toward GPS cell phone market.