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The new Fender did not acquire any physical assets of the old company, just the name "Fender".Hence during 1985 to 1987, production of Fender guitars was only done in Japan, while USA Fender created a new factory in California. BUT note that the "E" and "N" series does sometimes appear on "made in Japan" models. In any case, if it says "made in Japan", then it is... Fender has recently (in the last 20 years) introduced LOTS of different serial numbers schemes, depending on the country the Fender was made (USA, Mexico, Japan, Korea, etc). Sorry, since I do not collect new Fenders, I don't really keep track of these things.The electric guitars in this range are manufactured in the Far East and typically sold as part of a starter package with a Squier SP-10 practice amplifier (e.g. In 2006-2007 the Fender website identified them as being sold through Best Buy, Target, Sam's Club, and Costco outlets.Different finishes were available exclusively from each outlet, for example 3-tone sunburst with rosewood fretboard from Best Buy, black with maple fingerboard from Target, metallic black with rosewood fingerboard and pearloid scratchplate (Model No. Although the range was withdrawn from the Fender website in 2007, it continues to be developed and is now sold through a variety of outlets, such as BJ's Wholesale Club, and A 24-inch scale is still relatively short, the same as the Fender Jaguar but a full inch and a half shorter than the Stratocaster and three-quarters of an inch shorter than the Gibson Les Paul.The short scale may improve ease of use for people with small hands, and also enhances the ability to use the tremolo arm for upbends.Five models were marketed—the Standard Bullet, Bullet Deluxe (S-2), S-3, H-1, and H-2—in addition to the two new bass models (a regular scale "B-34" and short scale "B-30").

Headstocks retained the version one (Telecaster) profile.

In March 1985, CBS sold Fender to a group of private investors.

The serial numbers do not reflect this change - Fender continued to make instruments using existing serial number schemes.

(Stratocaster) Between 19 there were periods that this is not consistently done.

Although a serial number is helpful for roughly determining the age of a guitar, this is often not the exact date.