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so for now, the corners of my eyes catch everything but you give yourself away. for the two of you to go across the ocean, where you belong. take a glance to see if i am hurt enough to realize what i am missing, not missing you.

take a glance to see if i am hurt enough to realize what i am missing, not missing you. my choices would be easier to make if i knew that you were out of reach.

She paused for a moment to look about her on hills and woods she had loved in olden days and still loved.

unfading echoes of the old sweet life were all about her . She and Gilbert had come up for the funeral of his father and Anne had stayed for a week. Lynde had put a big, homey bouquet of spring flowers in it for her .

Hey there, Delilah What's it like in New York city?

Smart, successful and sexy, Jackson Smith, Brian Palmer, Derrick West and Terry White are "The Brothers" lifelong friends banded together to weather love's innate terrors and occasional triumphs in this brazenly comic yet painfully true exploration of the battle between the sexes.

Amidst the career track, basketball and bar hopping, "The Brothers" love women, as many as possible, but shocking revelation tests the foursome's friendship and changes their dating habits forever. I say I'm ready, love says "Not yet, Jackson, she dated your father." Maybe there is love out there, but it's running from me. See more » Just walking out of this movie it made me think about how love is important in life.

Lady lust I think its time for you to bite the dust, yeah Its time for you to get out my door Dont wanna see your face no more Shes so seductive with her eyes Shes so productive with her thighs She wont let me live with her lies She wont let me live a lie Lady lust Bite the dust Lady, lady, lady lust!

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