Dating a triathlete

While some people are worrying who they should date this valentines, triathletes are busy thinking where to bike! 🙂 Triathletes are masochistic son-of-a-guns by nature. In fact, I define "athlete" as anyone who regularly and passionately engages in sports or physical activity.So, why did I limit myself to dating athletes if i I didn't care about the size of a potential partner's biceps or the scope of his bank account?

This only parallels the personal and professional changes we undergo as individuals over these dynamic years in life, which is why we shouldn't attach our relationship's identity to our sport.There are two categories, professional and amateur.Amateurs which mostly make up most of the participants are also referred as “age groupers” as they compete and classified further based on sex and age.It does not start and end on race day because being a triathlete is a year-long commitment of training.The triathletes are always the stars of the race but there are also silent heroes in the race.We appreciate that one of the problems of dating a triathlete is the time commitment - three events take up a lot of time in training leaving litlle time for dating and developing any sort of relationship.Finding other triathletes with the same passion as you is the solution. Because many relationships between a triathlete and non-triathlete fall down on this point alone.Get there a few days before the race, complete training then the two of you can wind down in the location for a few days.We set up the site for exactly that reason and added a comprehensive search facility, to make it easier for you to find other triathletes. to find other triathlon enthusiasts looking for a relationship.We all know how difficult it is to make compatible romance with an intensive training.These difficulties are multiplied by 3 in the case of triathlon, but sometimes it’s also positive to see things from a wider view and think about the bright side of having a triathlete in your family: However, if you decide that triahtlon is not for you, the emergency bracelets Safesport ID will accompany you and your partner to all your trainings and copmetitions, facilitating the work of the first responders the case of an accident.