Dating a girl who has slept with alot of guys

I have a girlfriend who comes from a religious family .. it makes me really unhappy and think that i want to end the relationship.they have really good principles and manners, but since she went to the university unfortunately she met friends who really have no principles in life. She went to the doctor and he said her birth control pill may be decreasing her desire to have sex. I love her but sometimes can’t get over what she did even if she said to me 1000 times that she regrets sleeping with the other men and says that if she had a boyfriend like me at that time she never would have done it. but she said to me she can’t have sex everyday .she says I pressure her. she wants me always to show her that I love her without having sex, but I don’t separate between love and sex. She wants me to touch her, kiss her, and see how hot she is and I’m not allowed to have sex with her…I also fear that she can’t have children because she has another problem plus the HPV which can give her cancer.

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Although as men we know that we weren’t her first, we would like to imagine it being so. Most guys can’t deal with the fact that their woman has had more partners than they had- even when this is not the case, most men don’t like it if their girlfriend has had a list of partners that goes into double digits. Chances are that you have had just as many if not more sexual partners than she has.It’s arduous being patient while the loneliness continuously creeps up onto you.But when you find someone that you think may be the right fit, someone that you enjoy spending time with, and someone that makes the loneliness melt away, it’s one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.The closest thing would be dating a virgin, and who the hell wants to sleep with a virgin? Love is rare- you aren’t likely to find real love more than a handful of times in your entire lifetime.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!I made a joke about me being the best he's ever had in bed.He laughed but then said yeah as a matter of fact I am pretty amazing but he only has 4 other his to compare it to. I didn't say anything and he asked how many guys I have been with. He isn't a jerk or anything but I can tell he really wanted to know because he asked a while later.I said I didn't want to say but he really wanted to know. I keep stressing that its a lot but I don't want to give him a number.I've heard of guys breaking up with girls over this.IMO, you should be more worried about someone who is still a party animal, someone who hasn't grown up yet at an age that they should have matured and have other priorities by now.This is probably the topic (other than height) that's been beaten to death the most.