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If you’re not already aware, the Daily WTF is open source.We went the route of building our own CMS mostly because our application needs are pretty light.Tuesday, June 6, 2017Winning people's hearts and minds?You've got that dialed in starting today as your cosmic ruler, captivating Venus, grooves into Taurus until July 4.Ever thought that your best guy friend held your gaze a bit too long or went out of his way to spend time with you?

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Non-EU migrants entering the UK will have £200 added to the cost of their visas as a payment for any healthcare they may receive while in the country, under a bill proposed by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.Last year in the UK, online dating scammers conned their dates out of £33 million.Anna Moore investigates the crooks who target smart, successful women Using a fake profile on the popular dating site (they operated as ‘Christian Anderson’, a divorced engineer), the pair managed to persuade a newly divorced mother of two to sign over a staggering £1.6 million, some of it her own, the rest borrowed from family and friends.He says he’s single, honest and looking for love – just like you, in fact.All he needs is a little money to get him through a tricky situation…New film Love, Rosie follows a pair of best friends over the years as they refuse to see what is right in fron of their impossibly pretty faces.Based on the best-selling book by Cecelia Aherne, the film is irresistibly, soppily romantic and stars hot Brit stars Lily (daughter of Phil) Collins and Sam (Hunger Games) Claflin.On the basis of just these scant facts, it seems incredible that a well-educated, successful and responsible woman would even consider handing over her life-savings to an apparent stranger – and yet chilling details from the trial hint at the sophisticated brainwashing involved.Based on the secret techniques of pick-up artists, the book contains step-by-step instructions on how to ensnare a victim, such as ‘Select a Target’, ‘Isolate the Target’, ‘Create an Emotional Connection’ and ‘Blast Last-Minute Resistance’.We don’t need themes, we don’t need WYSIWYG editors, we don’t need asset uploads.Also, with home-grown code, we know what’s in it, what it does, and any problems in the code are our own. There’s a cottage industry around building Word Press themes, and it’s a busy enough space that there are specialists in developing themes for specific industries.