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Chatting, talking on the phone, sending emails and getting to know new people have been very important for me and very rewarding emotionally speaking.

You talk to people more that you would imagine, you confide in them more that you would expect.

You are your own solution if only “you will let me help you”!

Coming up with remarkable result in any relationship is the dream of any adult in any given society.

Shortly after Emmanuel Macron won the first round of the French presidential elections, a fun fact about his personal life began to circulate worldwide: The 39-year-old is married to a woman 25 years his senior … And, of course, the French are decidedly more chill than we are when it comes to matters of the heart (and the loins).

For starters, Macron, a centrist, is running against a far more controversial opponent — the vehemently far-right Marine Le Pen.

Ces femmes ne sont pas des marchandises que l'on achète sur catalogue !

In the evening I go to the self-training courses and learn new things.

When I'm at home already, I read some books, magazines, watch movies and go to bed.

I’ve been faithful to my husband for 17 years, but I had the urge to feel this rush of adrenaline again, to seduce again…

But I needed to be very discreet, because my family life makes me happy and I didn’t want to change anything to it.