Cougar dating statistics

Just search by age, filter by zip code and you'll find a beautiful cougar in your area.

So what is it that attracts older women into a relationship with younger men?

(In contrast, "sugar daddy" dating sites and portals that pair up unhappily married people for affairs are as Google-able as ever.) Clearly the older woman/younger man pairing, though more on-the-radar than ever, is not sitting well in our psyches.

That aversion, in turn, is rankling so-called cougars.

Monetary support: Some of the young men or women get into MILF dating with old women or men, without bothering about their age, to get financial support form them.

Society, however, hasn't exactly embraced real-life "cougars" with the same fervor as Tinseltown's producers.

Earlier this year, Carnival Cruise Lines dropped its second annual "Cougar Cruise" for older single women and younger single men—even though the first voyage drew 300 spirited attendees.

And Google stirred up controversy a few months ago by banning the dating site Cougar Life from its content pages.

Whether or not your particular relationship works out depends on the same kind of challenges that affect any relationship ““ shared priorities, a degree of emotional engagement, financial goals, mutual respect, to name a few.

You will need to examine and work through these issues in order to determine if you two have staying power.