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Yes, once you consolidate, the subsidized portion of your loans will continue to receive benefits. If you can successfully prove undue hardship, your student loan will be completely canceled.

In fact, by consolidating, the federal government will pay the interest on the subsidized portion of your loans for the first 3 years on qualifying plans. Student Loan Service helps prepare documents for consolidation and does not make any loans or negotiate with your lenders. Filing for bankruptcy also automatically protects you from collection actions on all of your debts, at least until the bankruptcy case is resolved or until the creditor gets permission from the court to start collecting again.

Student loans are difficult, but not impossible, to discharge in bankruptcy. For example, a bankruptcy can remain part of your credit history for ten years.

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The earlier you refinance to a lower loan rate, the more money you will save.

This enables borrowers to use those funds to meet living expenses and pay off higher interest debts.

Consolidation borrowers must not be in default on their federal loans.

Federal student loan consolidation enables a borrower to combine all of their federal student loans into a single new loan with one monthly payment.

Students may not consolidate their federal student loans with their parent's Parent PLUS Loans.