Consolidating codifying statutes

It does not aim to alter the law unless it is stated in its long title to be a consolidation with amendments. Law is our Passion This entry about Consolidating Statute has been published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0) licence, which permits unrestricted use and reproduction, provided the author or authors of the Consolidating Statute entry and the Encyclopedia of Law are in each case credited as the source of the Consolidating Statute entry.An example of a consolidating statute is the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992. Please note this CC BY licence applies to some textual content of Consolidating Statute, and that some images and other textual or non-textual elements may be covered by special copyright arrangements.If you can not or do not wish to configure your screen reader, deleted language will begin with the phrase "deleted text begin" and be followed by the phrase "deleted text end", new language will begin with the phrase "new text begin" and be followed by "new text end".

consolidation - the act of combining into an integral whole; "a consolidation of two corporations"; "after their consolidation the two bills were passed unanimously"; "the defendants asked for a consolidation of the actions against them"To this catalogue of circumstances that tend to the amelioration of popular systems of civil government, I shall venture, however novel it may appear to some, to add one more, on a principle which has been made the foundation of an objection to the new Constitution; I mean the ENLARGEMENT of the ORBIT within which such systems are to revolve, either in respect to the dimensions of a single State or to the They ought, with equal care, to have preserved the FEDERAL form, which regards the Union as a CONFEDERACY of sovereign states; instead of which, they have framed a NATIONAL government, which regards the Union as a He had them in the greatest order--his tapes and his files, his receipts, and his letters with lawyers and correspondents; the documents relative to the wine project (which failed from a most unaccountable accident, after commencing with the most splendid prospects), the coal project (which only a want of capital prevented from becoming the most successful scheme ever put before the public), the patent saw-mills and sawdust would not achieve its main purpose: "What's more, these potential transactions represent a near-term fix to the industry's difficulties and do not address systemic profitability problems and root causes.The Bill that is the subject of this Report consolidates certain enactments relating to the powers of courts in England and Wales to deal with offenders and defaulters and to the treatment of such persons. The Bill which is the subject of this report consolidates the legislation about the costs relating to Parliamentary proceedings on private Bills.The Bill extends to England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Act consolidates legislation from 1965 onwards on co-operative and community benefit societies (formerly known as industrial and provident societies).For users of the jaws screenreader it is recommended to configure jaws to use the proofreading scheme which will alter the pitch of the reading voice when reading stricken and underlined text.Instructions for configuring your jaws reader are provided by following this link.For guidance on citing Consolidating Statute (giving attribution as required by the CC BY licence), please see below our recommendation of "Cite this Entry".Statutes imposing taxes or monetary burdens are to strictly construed.Every taxing statute must contain three aspects; subject of tax, person to be taxed and the rate of tax.Session laws use visual text formatting such as stricken text to denote deleted language, and underlined text to denote new language.A statute that repeals and re-enacts existing statutes relating to a particular subject.It does not aim to alter the law unless it is stated in its long title to be a consolidation with amendments.