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Now, Clyde Stacy is scheduled to make his European debut at the Hemsby Rock 'n' Roll Weekender in May 2011, and plans to 'warm-up' at the Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend in April. This CD is the first comprehensive look at the career of Clyde Stacy, a man who grew up in Tulsa, went to school in Lubbock with Buddy Holly, had a hit with a rocking version of the R&B song Hoy Hoy, moved to Scranton, appeared on 'Bandstand' and other TV shows, recorded in New York with top session men, saw many hits in Canada, and is still working country, blues, and rockabilly venues.His part in the story of rock 'n' roll has been little-known but is told here in words, pictures, and rocking music. Did his voice and style fit the mold of another culture?"At this site, May 23, 1934," the inscription reads, in battered capital letters, "Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker were killed by law enforcement officials."Which is of course almost as much of an understatement as to call Adolf Hitler an Austrian-born watercolour artist.At that spot, on that day, a criminal legend was born, and every May, Gibsland holds a festival to commemorate it.They did not operate alone, but as part of the Barrow gang. No murder warrant was ever issued against her even though, by the FBI's count, the gang killed at least 13 people during a two-year crime spree along the back roads of the south-central US.

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Relocating to Pennsylvania in 1958, Clyde Stacy recorded in New York and registered Top 30 hits in Canada with So Young, Baby Shame and Nobody's Darling!

Clyde Stacy's TV appearances included 'Bandstand' and 'The Patti Page Show'!