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I think that I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never used VTP in a production environment before.

Before I responded, I wanted to check out the functionality of the “Local updater ID” in VTP. For those of you who don’t want to read this entire post (and I don’t blame you) here’s the quick and easy answer: By configuring an IP address on your VTP server switches you’ll be able to use the “Local updater ID” (on VTP client and server switches) to see which VTP server last updated the VLAN database via VTP.

SW1(config)#vtp version 3 *Mar 1 .908: %SW_VLAN-6-OLD_CONFIG_FILE_READ: Old version 2 VLAN configuration file detected and read OK. Let's stop here and talk about a huge problem with previous versions of VTP.

As a network consultant, I always recommend - especially prior to version 3 - that customers use VTP mode transparent.

- VTP can now be turned off completely, as opposed to just transparent mode - Support for hidden passwords My lab is two 3560s running 15.0(2)SE6, and one 3550 running 12.x code.

The 3560s support VTP v3, the 3550 I'm just using to show backwards compatibility to v2.