Christian dating e harmony service

Following a 2008 lawsuit over the failure to match gays, the company settled with New Jersey’s Civil Rights Division and agreed to launch Compatible Partners, a separate web site aimed at serving same-sex clientele; this service launched in 2009.While e Harmony reluctantly complied, Warren still doesn’t seem sold on gay marriage. It has really damaged our company.” The decision to push the bounds of his religious beliefs was a troublesome one for Warren.Maybe it’s due to years of e Harmony’s founder and television promoter Neil Clark Warren describing his Christian dating service and personality matching system on television.Quite possibly it has something to do with being aware of friends in the Christian community who have experienced good results finding the love of their lives on the dating service.After battling numerous lawsuits over e Harmony’s refusal to match homosexuals, Warren is claiming that the same-sex marriage debate has “damaged” his company.

While I hadn’t decided what I thought about e Harmony or its founder, I had heard a few disturbing things about them.

And my suspicions about the company increased the longer it took e Harmony to get back to me.

I seemed to be the exception, since Warren has granted recent interviews to publications such as the Los Angeles Times and USA Today.

The fact that Neil Clark Warren is a Christian theologian and seminary professor helps to cement the perspective that the site is mainly for Christians.

But most don’t know that Warren is also a clinical psychologist giving significant credibility to the website and matching system.