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Global political and business leaders are talking seriously about ending marijuana prohibition everywhere from D. In Washington State, Colorado and the country of Uruguay, marijuana is now legally regulated – not to mention the twenty states and D. that have implemented medical marijuana laws since 1996. However, someone has neglected to tell the many news outlets that continue to recycle the same old “Cheech & Chong” images that should have been retired decades ago.

I had my own turning point of frustration last year, when I wrote a piece for NBC’s news site about how the end of marijuana prohibition will affect African-Americans, who represent a vastly disproportionate share of the 750,000 people still being arrested for marijuana in the U. An image of a man emitting billowing clouds of smoke from the most enormous blunt you have ever seen in your life.

I requested that they consider using a photo more appropriate to the piece, to no avail.

All of this coincides with the movement for marijuana legalization, which is rapidly gaining momentum across the United States.

At this point, four states and Washington DC have legalized recreational marijuana, and 23 states and DC have medicinal marijuana programs.

Frankly, I was so embarrassed by the image that I didn’t even share the piece among family and friends, as I normally would do.

Why do stereotypical images persist even though today’s marijuana consumer might look more like your Aunt Bettie or your accountant than The Dude – and now that vaporizers, edibles and topical creams have rendered the ubiquitous “joint” somewhat obsolete?

, but due to some financing issues, production was delayed and the actor and his director had some time on their hands.The 420 Games, established by Jim Mc Alpine, founder of the ski/snowboard lifestyle brand Snow, is a series of events aiming to destigmatize responsible cannabis use.Elite Daily recently attended one of these events in San Jose, California, meeting with Mc Alpine and other activists to discuss the movement. There are millions of people who use marijuana in effective, healthy and productive ways We plan to show this to the world via athletic achievement.According to polling from Pew Research Center, a majority of Americans, particularly Millennials, are now ready for pot to be legal across the country.But even as the US becomes more accepting of marijuana use, certain myths about the drug persist.Along the way, however, he rashly invites along another American he meets in Chile, a flower child named Crystal Fairy, played by Gaby Hoffman.She soon drives him nuts with her positive energy and their trip to the desert becomes a test of Jamie's true self. This was an experience I went through 13-14 years ago.With the ever-growing number of edible products on the market, you could offer a prospective flirtee anything from mints to granola to salad dressing. Offering to demonstrate cannabis related skills–or even better, teaching them–is a great opportunity to bond. The other night I met someone who rolled a perfect joint in less than 30 seconds. I told them of my pitiful attempts and said I would happily provide the flowers and rolling papers if they could teach me their techniques.If they’re a foodie, propose making a cannabis-infused meal together! It was a neat way to use vulnerability to open up a dialogue.Laughter actually promotes social bonding, according to a 2011 study, so you can't go wrong with going the humorous route. ” could become “May I offer you a cannabis infused beverage?” I suggest Sprig’s THC soda (which just won 2015 Best of Edibles List for best soda) because it comes in 15mg/serving and 45mg/serving sizes, so consumers can choose the appropriate dosage for their needs.