Chat dirty with coeds

( Anything chocolatey apparently.) So as the party leaders lick their wounds, I have some words of consolation for them: not all of us who have children and hold the vote are enamoured by this cliquey, elitist website.

With a four-year-old son and two-year-old twins (a boy and a girl), I should have been one of their target audience.

Mom and Dad had gone to the Caribbean for the weekend. I was at home with my two sisters, Jill, 19 and Janet, 18. They had a chemistry midterm Monday and were doing some last minute cramming. ”Judy hesitated, “I wish I could say that I was done, but I had to get a new part, and it has not come in yet.”“I’ll get Janet.”I went downstairs to get my sister and went past Sylvia who was bringing up two glasses of coke. At the bottom of the steps, I looked up to see up Sylvia’s skirt.

Janet was expecting some friends for a sleepover to celebrate her friend Monica’s nineteenth birthday. Judy is a slim redhead with pale skin and a very few freckles.“Hi, Steve,” Judy giggled. I got a quick peek of her round ass, which was visible, since she was wearing a thong. ”“Come in.”I walked in and saw that Janet was not alone. I walked out of my younger sister’s room when the door bell rang. Monica was a short, brunette, like my sister, but her hair was a reddish brown, which she kept in a short, almost boyish bob.

If you’d rather pass, you can swipe left or select the “X” icon.

If someone you’re interested in is also interested in you, a match is made and both parties are notified. We’re pretty sure most guys don’t put their arm around their sisters like that.

Pink cheeks and rosy memories abound when you play this game at your baby shower.

If you want to be this guy’s lover, you apparently have to get with all his friends, too.

Everyone loves a bouncing baby, but not everyone loves run-of-the-mill baby shower games. So if you're like us and are looking for games that are decidedly fresh and fun, we've put together some seriously unstuffy options for you to choose from.

Here are the Top 20 Best Baby Shower Games-from Beau-coup to you! Get this great icebreaker started the moment your guests walk through the door.

In fact, I logged onto Mumsnet on the advice of a friend, who told me it was a good place to find reviews for everything from baby bottles to control pants. I meandered instead into the discussion forums and was so gobsmacked by what I read I wanted to run screaming from the site.

Motherhood is bewildering enough without drifting into the parallel universe that is Mumsnet.